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There are two global ConVid clinical trials. One public, one secret.
There are two clinical trials going on. There's the one that you would expect to some degree given the criminal activity of big pharma and governments around the world. Namely that you get jabbed and they measure adverse effects and deaths. But of course those…
Real journalism still exists. An interview with George Hazim, Executive Producer - InformerTV
One of the things to come out of this new world of convidianism is a swell in the number of independent journalist and and new media organisations. Some are borne from veterans of the industry and others out of necessity respectively opportunity. George Hazim, executive…
The parallel society and education. An exceptional interview with Dr. Brendan Moloney, CEO of the Darlo Group
Dr Brendan Moloney, CEO of the Darlo Group is a thought leader in the parallel society space. With the challenges facing humanity with a small elite group controlling everything and seeking to tighten their grip even further, there has never been a more important time…
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