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Shop owners reject the no shot no shop coercion.
A warning to the shops that impose a no shot no shop rule. When the vaccinated start to drop like flies, it will be the unvaccinated who are left and you can be sure we will avoid your business
GFC was nothing. They are about to break and bankrupt the entire system.
If you think the GFC was bad, wait for the fall-out after they push this through in the next month. Despite what the IMF says on their website, the SDR’s ARE a currency. A currency is defined as a system for a medium of exchange.…
JJ Ferrari on trust, business, diversity, transitions, and freedom with Paul Lange
This conversation is a business growth and personal development course condensed into a (less than) one hour conversation that is both as detailed and comprehensive as it is easy to comprehend. JJ has an exceptional capacity to bring focus and brevity to concepts like few…
Celebrity Chef Pete Evans hosted by Paul Lange discussing what being an entrepreneur means to him
Pete Evans is an inspiring person. IMHO he has achieved so much more by his 40's than most people will achieve in a lifetime and he does it while still remaining a humble, kind and giving human being.
Max Alter and Paul Lange discussing the economy, generational debt, societal retraining
Max is an economist with a PhD in the History of Economic Thought in which he peels back economic theory's relation to the history of ideas. His views on the economy at both the macro and micro level prompt you to think more consciously and…
Paul Lange with Fraser Hay about the entrepreneurial journey, as a starting point at least
Today I was joined on the MainUnStream mic by Fraser Hay, founder of the Grow Your Business Club on Facebook, and author of 20 bestselling books, who has worked with clients in 30 countries and spoken publicly on three continents.
Paul Lange with Jules Brooke, Founder of Handle Your Own PR and She's the BOSS
Today I was joined on the MainUnStream mic by Jules Brooke, founder of Handle Your Own PR and She’s The Boss. A huge thanks to Jules for making time to coming online and share some perspectives. Every time Jules and I have a chat it's…
Paul Lange with Jonathan Callinan from No-Ffluff Marketing for Today's Game-changing Entrepreneurs
On this episode of MainUNStream I'm joined at the mic by Jonathan Callinan for a candid conversation. Jonathan is always good value and a very generous person who shares what he knows openly. He's also a straight talker, respectful, knowledgable and no sugar-coating... or better…
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