July 24, 2021 - Episode 009

JJ Ferrari on trust, business, diversity, transitions, and freedom with Paul Lange


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JJ Ferrari on trust, business, diversity, transitions, and freedom with Paul Lange

Today I'm joined on the MainUnStream mic by JoAnna “JJ” Ferrari

This conversation is a business growth and personal development course condensed into a (less than) one hour conversation that is both as detailed and comprehensive as it is easy to comprehend. JJ has an exceptional capacity to bring focus and brevity to concepts like few other people … including me … in some circumstances ... especially 🙂

JJ is more widely known for being the transition specialist because of her journey to transition her gender over the last six years.

She is one of the most genuine and truly professional people you’ll meet.

In this conversation we cover topics ranging from business (and JJ has an uncommonly large wealth account of business experience), to diversity, to gender and generally what it is to be a human being.

We cover topics including Trust, Diversity (Freedom), Business, Goals, Teams, Experts and Professionals and much more. Tune in for this conversation including so many distinctions, for example the one between ‘experts’ and professionals (pros) and why you should care. You’ll love it! Promise!

MainUnstream is always free of hype and hidden agendas so it can and often does go in any direction. One thing is for certain, they are always informative, insightful and entertaining.

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