December 10, 2021 - Episode 054

There are two global ConVid clinical trials. One public, one secret.


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There are two global ConVid clinical trials. One public, one secret.

So there are two clinical trials going on. There's the one that you would expect to some degree given the criminal activity of big pharma and governments around the world. Namely that you get jabbed and they measure adverse effects and deaths. But of course those numbers are but a very small minute fraction of the actual numbers because a lot of people don't report it, and of those that do report a lot of them are gaslighted by the medical profession saying no it cannot be from the so-called vaccines, and then a small amount are reported. So that's the public clinical trial that everyone sort of sees.

Then there is the clinical trial that happens in the background and it's been going on well before the first jab was ever made available. It started for you when you had your first PCR test or when you first logged in using a QR code.  You see what they're doing with those PCR tests has nothing to do with identifying a virus because of the inventor of the PCR test, before he died, said for a long time that these test cannot be used to determine viruses. in fact, that were invented for DNA amplification for the purpose of establishing guilt in criminal cases and later on defence attorneys used the same tests to determine innocence.  So they are fundamentally DNA tests. Get your head around that… DNA tests!

What is happening in the background is they are connecting the data dots together. Your QR code logins, whether it's you logging in on some shop’s QR code or, as happens in Europe, using your QR code to login. 

Your PCR test and your DNA which has been logged, plus which vial of vaccine you received (eg. Was it a saline solution? Or was it the real thing), what adverse effects are logged against your medical file and did you die? What is your medical history on your medical file and what other notes were made by the attending physician. 

All of this is being logged and this is the clinical trial they are conducting. 

They are not conducting it for the improvement of humanity, they are conducting it for the destruction of the greater majority of the global population so that they may become more efficient in how they kill more people.

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    There are two global ConVid clinical trials. One public, one secret.

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    There are two clinical trials going on. There's the one that you would expect to some degree given…
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