December 15, 2021 - Episode 055

The Hallmark of a Democracy vs Totalitarian Tyranny in Summary.


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The Hallmark of a Democracy vs Totalitarian Tyranny in Summary.

People who are elected into office to participate in the governing of the country sit in a very privileged position. They sit there with the privilege to serve the people. It is their job to manage the affairs of the country as a whole, for the good of all of the people. They're there to manage the finances, the relationships, the security and keep everything going.

Let's be honest though, if the government of any country were a company they would have been deregistered a long time ago. Show me a country which really manages the affairs of the people fiscally or otherwise really, really well. In fact, and as a side note,many countries are incorporated without the knowledge and consent of the people and therefore their incorporation occurred unconstitutionally.

The hallmark of a democracy is simply that we, the people, have the right to know everything about the people who we elected and what they do in office. To use the company analogy again, it's our company; we are the shareholders of this company.

In any corporate structure, you have the shareholders, you have the board, you have the directors, managers, people, workers et al. It’s the shareholders who have the ultimate power. They can dismiss the board. The general idea in politics is that it is at an election when the people have the opportunity to dismiss the board and put in a new board. But in reality although the board members may change they all come from the same recruitment firm. Also we the people don't hold them to account anywhere near often enough.

Furthermore as citizens we should have full insight into the operations of the government. If shareholders  demand to have insight into the company, they get the documents. It's not hidden from them. They're shareholders. They have a right. We the people have a right to see what the elected officials do with the business of the country.

That is a democracy!

The hallmark of a totalitarian tyranny is one where the elected officials ignore the privilege that they have, they take it for granted, and think that they are some esteemed race and class that knows better. They tell you nothing about their own circumstances nor anything about what they do, yet they demand to know everything about you and create laws and systems under those laws to ensure they get the information they want.

Based on this simple and accurate definition, which system are you living under where you live?

Democracy? … or … Totalitarian tyranny?

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