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Stop holding the line. Stop reclaiming the line. Start PUSHING the line deep into their territory.
It’s time to stop holding the line. Now it’s time to push the line. We've held the line along enough. It's now time to take this fight to them where they live, where they work, where they breathe. It is time for the people, the…
Those who hate Freedom will use deception and betrayal to keep you enslaved. So is Craig Kelly really just controlled opposition?
A recent comment by Romeo Georges has sparked questions about one party and a high profile candidate, namely the UAP (the United Australia Party) and its apparent leader Craig Kelly. Craig was previously a Liberal federal parliamentarian, whose opinions in parliament and publicly were opposed…
You’re not going crazy! Jabbed people are changing, and are they being mind controlled?
A lot of people are noticing that once someone gets jabbed, they seem to do a 180 degree flip on the jab and mandates and most things convidian. Obviously there is the possibility that this is nothing more than a simple matter of psychology of…
WTF!! Teachers need to get their priority clear.
This episode will probably not make me terribly popular with part of one segment of the community, namely teachers. Yesterday there was a teacher's strike in Sydney, NSW, Australia, and they weren't striking for jab mandates, or freedom or anything like that or something even…
The Hallmark of a Democracy vs Totalitarian Tyranny in Summary.
The hallmark of a democracy is simply that we, the people, have the right to know everything about the people who we elected and what they do in office. The hallmark of a totalitarian tyranny is one where the elected officials demand to know everything…
There are two global ConVid clinical trials. One public, one secret.
There are two clinical trials going on. There's the one that you would expect to some degree given the criminal activity of big pharma and governments around the world. Namely that you get jabbed and they measure adverse effects and deaths. But of course those…
Real journalism still exists. An interview with George Hazim, Executive Producer - InformerTV
One of the things to come out of this new world of convidianism is a swell in the number of independent journalist and and new media organisations. Some are borne from veterans of the industry and others out of necessity respectively opportunity. George Hazim, executive…
The parallel society and education. An exceptional interview with Dr. Brendan Moloney, CEO of the Darlo Group
Dr Brendan Moloney, CEO of the Darlo Group is a thought leader in the parallel society space. With the challenges facing humanity with a small elite group controlling everything and seeking to tighten their grip even further, there has never been a more important time…
This is not freedom, not yet. But we will take it back, and soon!
It's excruciatingly painful and still funny to see what some people think that freedom is. It's a chance to win a million dollars if you'll just participate in a game of Russian Roulette - Platinum Genocide Edition, others think it's about being 'allowed' to go…
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