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Left & right of the political spectrum is all the same lie
Is the Australian Federal Government planning for a civil uprising?
FOREIGN FORCES (armies, police, storm troopers) can be brought onto Australian soil at the direction of the ‘minister’ with complete IMMUNITY from CRIMINAL or CIVIL LIABILITY in certain cases while performing duties to support civil emergency and disaster preparedness, recovery and response.
Australian Labor Party will sacrifice Daniel Andrews for their national play at the next election
Have you wondered why federal Labor has not been very vocal in support of Dan Andrews? Victoria is the testing ground. They are seeing how far they can take it in Victoria as a test to see how far they'll be able to push the…
How could this happen?
A lot of people are asking a lot of questions about what's going on around the world. But a lot of people aren't, and even more don't even know what's going on besides some virus thing that they believe is killing the economy and stopping…
Fiat Social Currency System. A futurist perspective on future money.
How would you feel if your behaviour online AND offline, in society, at work, in the community, potentially even in your home determined the amount you earned. As a consequence your occupation becomes a necessary function of society through which you get to add value…
JJ Ferrari on trust, business, diversity, transitions, and freedom with Paul Lange
This conversation is a business growth and personal development course condensed into a (less than) one hour conversation that is both as detailed and comprehensive as it is easy to comprehend. JJ has an exceptional capacity to bring focus and brevity to concepts like few…
The fragility of the financial system & quantitative easing with Associate Professor Simon Michaux and Paul Lange
Get ready to understand Quantitative Easing (indiscriminate printing of money by central banks), how the financial system works, who owns your financial system, who lets them get away with it and why, why gold is not necessarily going to come to the rescue like many…
Paul Lange with Zoe-Anna Bell discussing sex, sexuality, relationships, and real men
This episode is a deep penetrating public intercourse on the topics of sex, sexuality and relationships. In the course of the conversation we also talk about genders, gender profiles and the concept of the real man.
Celebrity Chef Pete Evans hosted by Paul Lange discussing what being an entrepreneur means to him
Pete Evans is an inspiring person. IMHO he has achieved so much more by his 40's than most people will achieve in a lifetime and he does it while still remaining a humble, kind and giving human being.
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