July 24, 2021 - Episode 010

Fiat Social Currency System. A futurist perspective on future money.


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Fiat Social Currency System. A futurist perspective on future money.

How would you feel if your behaviour online AND offline, in society, at work, in the community, potentially even in your home determined the amount you earned. 

As a consequence your occupation becomes a necessary function of society through which you get to add value and demonstrate compliance with declared standards of order. Your income reflects both your behaviour (online and offline - at work, in the community, in society generally, even at home) and the value you add to both (a) the company or institution for which you work and (b) society as a whole... 

... and it is in the latter that the makings of the socialist class hierarchy is born and sustained so that everyone is equal only some are more equal than others.

All of this leads to you being paid using a Fiat Social Currency instead of whatever currency still prevails in your country or region, and your wages fluctuate from payout to payout.

No this is not George Orwell's 1984. It is something that is a distinct possibility with the building blocks already laid and expanding.

In this episode we give a very brief introduction to the concept and the factors in place already now that enable it. In the next episode we'll dive deeper into ramifications of this new 'conceptual' system. 

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About MainUnStream Examinations

MainUnStream Examinations vary from the MainUnStream conversations with guests. Like the original MainUnstream, Examinations are always free of hype and hidden agendas. There is however a specific direction for each episode and view them possibly best as an opinion piece. 

Two other differences are that Paul (Lange) flies solo instead of inviting a guest on and the time for each episode is roughly 18 minutes or less. Like the original MAinUnStream however, the Examination episodes always aim to be informative, insightful and entertaining.

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