November 2, 2021 - Episode 051

This is not freedom, not yet. But we will take it back, and soon!


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This is not freedom, not yet. But we will take it back, and soon!

It's excruciatingly painful and still funny to see what some people think that freedom is. It's a chance to win a million dollars if you'll just participate in a game of Russian Roulette - Platinum Genocide Edition, others think it's about being 'allowed' to go to the hairdresser or being allowed out of your home without restrictions, and the list of bat shit crazy ways of thinking about freedom goes on.

This is not freedom. By the standards we are witnessing on the streets of Australia today, most people wouldn’t know freedom if it jumped up and kicked them in the groin with a steel cap boot. In fact, if someone did that, these sick bastards would probably think that such treatment was a hallmark of freedom.

None of that is freedom and for those who don’t get that, prepare yourselves for a truly free life very soon, because we will take this back. Some of you will think it’s paradise, others will long to be locked up and controlled again. Poor bastards, perhaps we can oblige them.

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