August 9, 2021 - Episode 026

GFC was nothing. They are about to break and bankrupt the entire system.


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GFC was nothing. They are about to break and bankrupt the entire system.

If you think the GFC was bad, wait for the fall-out after they push this through in the next month. Despite what the IMF says on their website, the SDR’s ARE  a currency. A currency is defined as a system for a medium of exchange. Money is  defined as a medium of exchange but it is not the only one. For all intents and purposes SDR’s are a currency and they are the world’s first global single currency. Furthermore they have been around since 1969 to give you an idea about how long this has been coming. 

The collapse of Bretton Woods in 1973 was a bit of a hiccup for them…. or was it … nonetheless, as history shows, once a government has enacted something neither they nor their elite paymasters are going to give it back easily so they kept the SDR’s.

Now they are going to use them to pay each other interest and bonuses, shift money between their entities and bankrupt the entire system to push through The Great Reset.

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Correction ... in the video I mention 650 Trillion in SDR's the amount is actually 650 Billion. No less of an issue despite the lack on one zero.

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