August 27, 2021 - Episode 037

All of the bikie gangs in Australia should put their differences aside for now


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All of the bikie gangs in Australia should put their differences aside for now

All the bikie gangs should put their differences aside for the time being to unite with truckers and vets and the ordinary everyday hard working Aussies. Everything else is nothing more than brotherly bickering at this stage. Every once in a while brothers in arms have to stop bickering amongst themselves to face a common threat.

The reality is that there is a close cooperation between the bikie gangs and law enforcement. It’s similar to the USA and the USSR during the Cold War or like the Biden Administration and China now … okay … maybe not as incestuous as the Biden Administration together with the Biden Crime Family and China respectively the Chinese Communist Party, but you get the picture. It’s on a different scale, but the principle is the same.

Nonetheless, setting aside differences to fight a common enemy is as old as time. You agree that bickering over turf and who did what to whom is temporarily less important than it is important to stand for what is right. During The Crusades the Anglos, Celts, Barbarians, Romans, Goths, Norsemen etc. all put their differences aside to fight back a common enemy. During those days enemies become brothers. 

You know you do it already with law enforcement but it is now time to change sides. Of the law enforcement operatives you collaborate with already, you know the greater majority to be corrupt. It’s how you get leverage over them. The only leverage they have over you is they can use the law and their powers under the law to (mock) raid you anytime they want and then the lawyers and judges get a pay day as well through the backend of how the system works.

History has shown that tyranny is always defeated. If you continue to stand with your corrupt law enforcement connections, instead of with the people of Australia, when the police turn on you with full force to enact some of their final phases of this oppressive regime, there will be no sympathy from the people. They will most likely stand in line to applaud in the same way they are lining up like sheep to the slaughter to be jabbed with experimental biological agents.

Stand and be the strong people of the image you project and support the people from whose tables you feed (we are all interconnected) instead of standing for and supporting whatever will line your pockets like the politicians and bureaucrats do.

Regime change is coming in Australia. It is coming to all freedom loving nations around the world. Get on the right side of history now. Become champions of the people, champions of freedom and help those less organised, less strong, less capable than you to fight for what are their inalienable rights. Fight for what are our inalienable rights. Don't let those less able than yourselves do the heavy lifting for you. Your time to rise is now!

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