November 2, 2021 - Episode 049

An inspiring discussion with Victorian Freedom Fighter Kylie Bartlett


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An inspiring discussion with Victorian Freedom Fighter Kylie Bartlett

In life there will always be people in the stands, some way up in the farthest sections of the largest and tallest bleachers - the cheap seats. They are all watching the people who choose to put themselves on the pitch. The ones who know that that is where the action is. If you are going to have any chance of impacting the outcome of the game, that is where you need to be. No one ever changed the outcome of a game by being in the crowd, wearing a team scarf and beanie and chanting songs and slogans. Sure, it may offer those on the pitch some kind of support but really, if you were not there they would simply get on with the business of winning the game.

One such person who is firmly on the pitch in the fight against Convidianism is Victorian Freedom Fighter, Kylie Barlett. She has risked everything and continues to risk everything daily, doing her part to bring about the freedom we all have an inalienable right to, a right brave patriots across many nations have fought and died for over the centuries, and a right so many seem prepared to just piss up against the wall without a second thought.

A truly inspiring interview from one of Australia’s greatest, who is in the trenches of battleground Melbourne, Victoria.

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