September 27, 2021 - Episode 044

Kindness and cruelty to animals during this period of Convidianism


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Kindness and cruelty to animals during this period of Convidianism

We live in a really fucked up time right now and we need to support each other irrespective of one's beliefs. We need to be supportive of people so that everyone is able to express their beliefs and exercise their freedoms no matter what.

However, there is one side of this, or elements within one side of this, divide that has been created amongst people in the world, which doesn't want to support anybody that does not subscribe to the same brainwashed narrative that they currently believe in. 

When this is all over, there's going to be a whole bunch of people who've been red pilled and they're going to be in a freefall as they realise that a lot of the people they used to label as conspiracy theorists were right all along. The wil go through so much mental anguish and suffering and pain, including real physical pain brought on by the mental state, it;’s almost inhumane not to help them. But how can they best be helped?

This got me thinking, what if there were an animal that was suffering so badly? Quite often, the human side of the world says “Okay, well, they're suffering, we should put them down.”. It’s considered the kind hearted thing to do.

Of course, if a human being is suffering, we don't put them down. We don't even let them put themselves down with euthanasia. 

Some human beings are kind hearted in a different direction where they feel the need to nurture the animal and take care of it and provide it with a quality of life, until it reaches a natural death, whatever that death is going to be, as opposed to simply putting it down. 

But it’s a reality that animals get put down all the time. And here's the thing, the globalist elites who are controlling this whole thing and using your governments as puppets, they look at you and I, as nothing more than animals who serve a purpose.  We are like farm animals and domestic animals, and as soon as we're finished serving our purpose, we can be put down.

It's just a different level of thinking. If you think that’s bullshit, you simply lack the ability to think at that higher level. 

So in terms of thinking about kindness, the question of ‘do we put people down’ might be  something to consider when this whole thing ends.

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