September 27, 2021 - Episode 045

NSW State sponsored genocide courtesy of Brad Hazzard, Kerry Chant and Gladys Berejiklian


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NSW State sponsored genocide courtesy of Brad Hazzard, Kerry Chant and Gladys Berejiklian

We've been told in NSW that October will be the hardest month ever for the NSW Health System. That's very true it will be but it has nothing to do with a scamdemic or a virus that is as survivable as the flu. It is by design. 

The unholy trinity of the Minister for Ill-Health and Medical Experimentation Brad Hazzard (the health hazard himself), Dr. Kerry (I want you all dead) Chant, and her Supreme and Majestic Marxist Empress Gladys are making shit up as they go along with the intention of irrevocably breaking the economy and killing off as many as they can in the process. 

Tens of thousands of NSW Health workers are being suspended, placed on unpaid leave as of 1st October because they refuse to submit to the status of a lab rat in the global clinical trial of these genetic pharmaceuticals. Yes, gene therapy. 

Go and search Crispr Cas9 in the context of mRNA and bundle that info on top of the nanotech lipids that encase the mRNA technology and communicate data along the way ... communicate to where no one has really clarified. 

By essentially sacking tens of thousands of health care workers (although this unholy trinity is far more disgusting than simple sacking them, they just leave them in limbo under constant economic duress) they are risking the lives of patients. Urgent procedures will not be possible, insufficient qualified staff available to deal with issues. 

People's health and lives will suffer due to this reckless mismanagement of the state and at the federal level of the country. That is not to say that the opposition could do a better job. They are simply different wings of the same bird. 

It's time for a Royal Commission. 

It's time for the Governor General to dissolve the parliament and create a federal executive council with people selected from the entire population for the maximum period of three months whilst fresh elections are held. 

It's time for the Governors of each state to do the same thing. 

It’s time for the police to turn their batons and weapons around 180 degrees and point them at the real criminals, namely the ones giving them their orders. 

It’s time for the military to choose a side….

… and if none or not enough of that happens it is time for the people to unite and tear and burn the entire fucking system down.

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