July 28, 2021 - Episode 016

Paul Lange with Tim Dwyer on Trust, Global Government & the Financial System


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Paul Lange with Tim Dwyer on Trust, Global Government & the Financial System

Today I'm joined on the mic by another real bloke, an Aussie with a broader view than just his own backyard, and a person who understands the real history and background of what is currently happening in the world.

A lot of people talk about trust but who do you and who can you really trust? Is blind trust in organisations and institutions warranted any more? Was it ever? Or is it just a form of Stockholm Syndrome?

In this very open and candid conversation we explore a broad spectrum of topics from both the historic and current perspectives, and with a focus on global as well as local Australian affairs.

Tim has previously run for the Senate in South Australia and has been one of those brave business people who sought to enter into manufacturing, only to be told by the government to go looking elsewhere like India or China (remember the Lima Declaration of 1975 ... this is it in action). 

This is an episode to watch and come back to in the future. It's packed with gems and I look forward to being able to invite Tim back on the mic again soon.

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