July 28, 2021 - Episode 017

The Great Reset & Sovereign Debt Forgiveness


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The Great Reset & Sovereign Debt Forgiveness

You've heard of The Great Reset from the World Economic Forum. If not, go and look it up. One of tenets of the The Great Reset is the forgiveness of personal debt and as a trade off, the renunciation of personal assets. If you're not sure what that means, it means that you no longer own anything. Not your house, your car and a lot more that I won't go into here, because if you don't understand that bit yet, you'll probably just label me crazy and move on in a comfortable bubble.

However, what if it doesn't stop at personal debt? What if forgiveness of sovereign debt (country national debt) is the next step? Or maybe two steps away? 

Look around the world. You have countries doing or benefitting from other countries' quantitative easing like there is no tomorrow. If you're not up to speed with what Quantitative Easing is, check out Episode 08 of MainUNStream, which I did together with Associate Professor Simon Michaux on the fragility of the financial system and quantitative easing. 

How are they going to pay that back? Oh taxes of course. But with Universal Basic Income and no personal assets the tax base is severely reduced. Of course they could increase the remaining taxes and leave you even poorer.

Intelligent commentary and intercourse welcomed in the comment section below.

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