September 10, 2021 - Episode 041

The hypocrisy and corruption is so in your face it’s too close for the masses to see it, let alone question it.


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The hypocrisy and corruption is so in your face it’s too close for the masses to see it, let alone question it.
Special note:

The date of recording and first broadcast as a LIVE does not reflect the date of the published post on the website. There was a lag on this video. Some of the points discussed in this video may have changed since the original LIVE broadcast. For example QLD police have now been given a deadline. Apparently NSW police also have a deadline but the media is not reporting it and clearly the police officers (the ones that I know and the ones from where I have received the information) are too scared to go public with it.

Original notes below ...

The NSW Fire Brigade, NSW Police and at the time of recording this the GP’s in NSW are not being given a deadline by which to submit to the global clinical trial of the mRNA technology and other unnecessary vaccines.

Paramedics, ambulance workers, nurses, and anyone else in NSW Health (not yet sure about doctors in hospitals) are being threatened with their livelihood. Yet the people allegedly advising you (really indoctrinating you) on your options are exempt. Not only that, any advice is already poisoned because APHRA, the governing body in Australia, has placed a gag order on all doctors and nurses speaking publicly or giving an opinion that is contrary to the public ill-health narrative.

It’s a choice. Your life (in so many more ways than simply the risks of side effects and death - whether rapid or slow - from these pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies) or your livelihood!

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