August 25, 2021 - Episode 036

The trade unions have failed the workers of Australia


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The trade unions have failed the workers of Australia

There was a time when the trade unions were perceived as the protector and defender of the working class. They were labelled communists smeared for their harsh stance against big corporate and similar interests. Now a lot of the smearing and labelling was accurate to a degree, however it overshadowed the good they did as well. 

They did (at least appear to) unite people behind a righteous cause and gained better conditions for workers. None of this happened however without lining their own pockets which made them an easy target for honest politicians and honest cops, even a few of the corrupt politicians and cops who felt they didn’t get their fair share.

Today, in the face of real oppression, the trade unions have caved. They have abandoned their members and are sacrificing them at the altar of the socialist elite while they continue to line their pockets, facilitated by the political class puppets that stand in line with them to do the bidding of their mutual paymasters.

They are displaying how utterly useless and corrupt they have become. They used to fight for the rights of workers, or at least appeared to, and as alluded to, funded by the same socialist elite that funds them now. 

Now, because their paymasters want them to take a different tack, they have abandoned all pretence of being for the workers and actively promote the mainstream narrative and bask in the glory of each worker whose job is terminated and each worker that is coerced into taking the jab. 

Two of the worst industry trade union offenders are the healthcare industry and the construction industry. In Australia in the healthcare industry two of the most despicable trade unions are the Australian Nurses and Midwifery Federation and the Health Services Union (HSU). Neither of these organisations have a vested interest in helping you keep your job if you decline the Convidian jab. HSU publicly supports it while providing double speak responses to members. They also openly supported the immediate termination of two healthcare workers (who I believe were HSU members) who attended freedom protests.

These organisations are corrupt. They’ve never really been fighting for you. That was the facade. Apply pressure to them to stand up for your rights or circumvent them and rally enough people within large companies and companies in the SME market to participate in shutting down your industry and ultimately the entire economy. 

Also look for a trade union that will publicly support your rights.

Lastly if you have experience in forming, administering, operating or growing trade union organisation, reach out as I am interested in establishing such an entity to protect those workers who prefer freedom to make an informed decision and not be coerced into giving consent to participate in a mass human trial of an experimental biological agent.

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