August 23, 2021 - Episode 035

The truckies are fighting for us all.


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The truckies are fighting for us all.

Now show your support so that they stay the distance and help us all get the right deal.

I said 18 months ago that EVERY industry should shut down. If they want to lock down the people and shut down the economy, then we the people can really shut the whole damn dog and pony show down. 

Imagine if even just construction, health care and retail workers (specifically supermarkets and hardware) had united to stop the economy entirely at the beginning of this in 2020! Followed closely by truckies and public transport. Then cycle through the industries week by week until the whole damn thing is crippled. 

When I suggested this I was ridiculed with people saying things like …

“but you’ll destroy the economy that way” ...and 

“people will lose their jobs” … and 

“there won’t be enough food and other essential supplies”.

Well welcome the fuck to 2021 you pathetic snivelling people. Now of course you believe everything that happens is for the greater good and now you probably think that these truckies, like you think about freedom protesters, are evil and the cause of all of our issues. They should just toe the line and cower beneath their stairs like you. But they don’t because they are not gutless and spineless individuals

With the people forcing a shutdown of the economy last year, it would have sent a clear message. They would have felt the pain with everyone else early on. 

Right now they think they can shut down the economy and imprison the people with lockdowns at will. It is time to show them who they have the privilege of serving (and it is not their paymasters) and who has the ultimate authority in the country. 

I honour these brave truck drivers standing for their rights and in principle the rights of us all. The risk we run as a nation is that the government will attempt to negotiate a deal that covers only truck drivers and then go on their merry way to oppress everyone else. 

We must stand strong and the truck drivers, and vets supporting them, must stand strong and push through the bullshit. Show them your support so that they can support us. Also rally people in your industry and force a shutdown of our industry.

The unions have caved. They are displaying how utterly useless and corrupt they have become. They used to fight for the rights of workers, funded by the same socialist elite that funds them now. Now their paymasters want them to take a different tack. They’ve never really been fighting for you. That was the facade. Apply pressure to them to stand up for your rights or circumvent them and rally enough people within large companies and companies in the SME market to participate in shutting down the entire economy.

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