August 21, 2021 - Episode 034

They are treating you like little children. Can’t you handle the truth?


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They are treating you like little children. Can’t you handle the truth?

Statistics in Israel and the US show vaccine effectiveness declines. The same is happening here in Australia. Control studies that the NSW government is conducting are showing the same results. I dare them to deny it.

Even if you believe what you are being told by the government and the media, what if you were to ask the government for the data on which they are basing decisions so that you, and all people, can take a look at it and determine for yourself whether what the government is saying is accurate.

It is just common sense to ask to see the information upon which major decisions about your life, your health, and the health and viability of your country are being made, unless you are simply submitting to their position without question and giving up your own authority. 

Or could it be that you are afraid to hear the answer you might receive? Cognitive dissonance is a terrible thing and it happens all the time to people who refuse to question for themselves the things that co-create parameters for their existence, irrespective of what the topic of that question is.

Submitting a request under the Freedom of information Act is simple and can be done online. It is a process which has been defined and put in place for citizens to be able to obtain information from their government in relation to all matters.

If you want to be able to give foundation to and justify your support for any of the measures that have been put in place then you can only legitimately do that when you have the information. Otherwise you are going on blind faith. Blind faith in a body and institutions to which you have most likely not given much faith, blind or otherwise, in the last 10 to 20 years.

For context also watch Episode 029 on MainUNStream: “mRNA will be the last one standing The fix was in from the start” 


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