September 20, 2021 - Episode 043

The unvaccinated are on the front line of global protection and immunity.


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The unvaccinated are on the front line of global protection and immunity.

Everyone taking the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, irrespective of whether they are experiencing adverse side effects, and unless they are one of the many who have died or will die, are weakening their immune system. Every shot and every subsequent booster shot is decreasing their ability to fight this virus and ultimately creates a situation where their body will not know how to fight other similar viruses in the future.

There are enough real scientists, professors and medical doctors who have brought this information to light including Geert van den Bossche who is a vaccine creator and has worked for so many big organisations like the GAVI Vaccine Alliance (irrespective of what you might think about this putrid organisation) and  governments respectively international quasi government organisations that his credentials are beyond repute.

The vaccinated can still get infected. They can display no symptoms and easily spread the virus, especially to other vaccinated whose immune systems have also been weakened. The unvaccinated are the only ones who stand a chance of building herd immunity. They are the best possibility the homo sapien species has of building a natural protection against this virus and future (similar) viruses to come.

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