August 10, 2021 - Episode 030

Your badge won't protect you if you are complicit and/or corrupt


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Your badge won't protect you if you are complicit and/or corrupt

Australia will not tolerate a corrupt and criminal police force at any level. Police committing crimes and acting unconstitutionally because they were “just following orders” does not cut it. This was the same excuse used by the Nazi’s at the Nuremberg Trials and it didn’t save their asses either.

Also ignorance of a crime is not a defence. If you are following orders to lockdown citizens of this country, deny them any of their rights, commit acts of violence against them, either as the instigator or the co-conspirator, then you deserve to be prosecuted and thrown in prison. If you are more complicit to the point of treason then under common law of the original and only valid constitution of Australia from 1901, you can be executed if found guilty.

Think twice before you harass another citizen, before you attack another protestor, before you write another illegal fine. When this is over you will want to be on the right side of it all and it will not be the side of the political class and their elite paymasters. 

The tipping point for civil disobedience in Australia is 100,000. After that you will need the support of the military. However, how many military will allow themselves to be weaponized against the population, and by the time that happens, how many of your colleagues in law enforcement, correctional services and the judiciary will have stood up and stood with the people thus weakening your ranks.

Will you be a leader among your peers, showing the path that is right and just, in service of the Australian people or will you be a sheep on either path? The one that is right and just or the one that is tyrannical and evil.

Continuing to uphold the unlawful and unconstitutional rules of a chief health officer and remaining silent about the illegal actions you are required to take daily is not doing your jobs. It is keeping your jobs, and every day you just keep your jobs, more people lose their jobs, lose their livelihoods and some are driven to lose their lives by taking their own life. 

More people are dying from suicide and many other circumstances than are dying from this scamdemic. Wake up and get on the right side of history.

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