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The Hallmark of a Democracy vs Totalitarian Tyranny in Summary.
The hallmark of a democracy is simply that we, the people, have the right to know everything about the people who we elected and what they do in office. The hallmark of a totalitarian tyranny is one where the elected officials demand to know everything…
All of the bikie gangs in Australia should put their differences aside for now
Regime change is coming in Australia. It is coming to all freedom loving nations around the world. Get on the right side of history now. Become champions of the people, champions of freedom and help those less organised, less strong, less capable than you to…
Accurately renaming the global political landscape
This Democrat gets it. Total Government vs Minimal Government
The Great Reset & Sovereign Debt Forgiveness
You've heard of The Great Reset from the World Economic Forum. If not, go and look it up. One of tenets of the The Great Reset is the forgiveness of personal debt and as a trade off, the renunciation of personal assets. If you're not…
Paul Lange with Tim Dwyer on Trust, Global Government & the Financial System
A lot of people talk about trust but who do you and who can you really trust? Is blind trust in organisations and institutions warranted any more? Was it ever? Or is it just a form of Stockholm Syndrome?
Left & right of the political spectrum is all the same lie
Is the Australian Federal Government planning for a civil uprising?
FOREIGN FORCES (armies, police, storm troopers) can be brought onto Australian soil at the direction of the ‘minister’ with complete IMMUNITY from CRIMINAL or CIVIL LIABILITY in certain cases while performing duties to support civil emergency and disaster preparedness, recovery and response.
Australian Labor Party will sacrifice Daniel Andrews for their national play at the next election
Have you wondered why federal Labor has not been very vocal in support of Dan Andrews? Victoria is the testing ground. They are seeing how far they can take it in Victoria as a test to see how far they'll be able to push the…
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